Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Graduating class of Mapplethorpe or "Get Hip":

-David Croland
-Nancy Nortia
-Nigel Waymouth
-Judy Linn
-Ozzie Clark
-Michael Rainey
-Chris Gibbs
-Lars Kampmann
-Helen Marden
-Clarissa Dalrymple
-Henry Geldzahler
-Stewart Foster
-Gyles Fontaine
-Peter Berlin


gaaahhhhhh!!! supportive huzband!!!!!

you & you. VW & Andreas


Georgia Jagger, as I live and breath- I will totally fuck your teeth.

you stupid mother fucker

hans whatever the fuck.



I have reached a point of near disbelief all over this woman's impeccable handling of her own image. Also, Ann Demeulemeester owes her fucking royalties. I could keep going. Every image I found was more lovely than the one before. I am so IMPRESSED. And she can saaaaaang. YO! IF ITS CUT OFF CLICK ON IT!!! I don't know how to work this thang...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Greatest Hits and/or Lady G is actually thoroughly unoriginal

1. Can I get confirmation that Kim was on Dancing with the Stars?
2. The purple things was too easy.
3. I may have subconsciously decided that November is for ladies. But also, maybe wallpaper...