Monday, October 26, 2009


No sooner do I throw a couple of pretty pictures up of Mary Meyer's radical hoodies on this thing (I know it say '98, but I just did that yesterday- the internet is a confusing place. Sometimes.), that low and behold her clothes appear hanging on a chain link fence outside one of my favorite shoe shops in Brooklyn. I picked up this dude yesterday from her assistant who set up shop down a little alley next to shoe market on 6th and Bedford. Also- these GOLD bobby pins from H&M are my favorite.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I think of me and caitlin

yes I know that's not grammatically correct, and I don't care. These are stills from a film called Daisies. I received it as a gift once.


death aesthetic. symmetry of pageantry. parades. the shear numbers. arrangements. floral arrangements. control. composition. all together. grief.

Apparently, I need to step it up here...
Apparently, I am in New York City....
Evidently....this....I cannot stop thinking about this WOMAN

ALSO. I need combat boots so bad I can taste them